4nR TeK

  1. There's no crying in film making.
  2. Do whatever it takes to protect the vision of the director and the DoP.
  3. Avoid compression at all costs. Math is great but it isn't magic. What's gone is gone.
  4. Always defend the usage of the best gear. Great things cost money.
  5. Cheap is not cheap for long it will cost more later.
  6. Consumer gear is for consumers. If you are a proponent of so called pro-sumer gear you are in the wrong place.
  7. Just because it is in a small package does not make it better.
  8. If its too heavy for you go to the gym. Refer to number 1.
  9. Life is better with a big monitor. Those mistakes that you see in editorial would have been seen on the set.
  10. I know I have one more in me somewhere. Oh yeah Git-R- Done!